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The Truth.

2017-01-17 05:05:05 by Manx1


Ya know, a light bulb doesn't turn on no matter how many people swear up and down it works by sticking the bulb in wet mud. The truth doesn't care what you believe. If you understand this, you'll earn my respect:

The price to pay for truth is a level of intellectual scrutiny that doesn't jive well with charlatans who peddle convenient lies or with the sad victims that they prey on.


There is an objective standard of evidence that, when applied correctly, has been proven to help us better understand the universe. if it wasn't for this standard of skepticism, we wouldn't have the modern world in which I'm sure many take for granted all the time. The truth cannot ask us to genuflect and suspend our critical thinking simultaneously; a demand made by gods more often than not, even in the face of obsolescent demise.



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2017-01-17 07:14:40

I've understood this for many years. It frustrates me to see others being so gullible.


2017-01-17 08:11:52

*flexes muscles