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Tragedy In Utopia

2017-06-18 01:47:23 by Manx1

Imagine reading an economics/business magazine (or futuristic equivalent) in the year 2066. The headlining article features the richest man in the world worth over 1 Trillion dollars, while on page 32, a small article about how the unemployment rate is 70%+ and rising. No one is dying of starvation though, quite the contrary. Banality will be what humans fight against in 2066, not poverty or hunger.
            It's the most united humanity has ever been. In this world, issues of great concern are few and far between. Humans are working animals, in mind and body. They have a genetic disposition for it. Where does the ego, the sense of community, or the sense of passion go when there is nothing productive to do? Sure, the artists will be fine, but what of the rest?  A tragedy in Utopia; a world where robots do most of the hard labor and there's nothing else to do except bitch about it on one's smartphone. The end result must be an army of people fighting the problem of having no problems to fix. Where should they go?
           We are transitioning into that world as we speak. The most notable cultural shift of this period will be remembered as the time when people stopped believing in the notion that one must work in order to survive, and came to realize that sooner or later, we will not.


Derrick Swinney


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